Kailua, Oahu

Whether you're looking for adventure, warmth, or beautiful scenery, Kailua Oahu is the perfect community to move to. Kailua is a picturesque beach town that has ample opportunities for water and nature recreation. Located just 12 miles northeast of Honolulu, Kailua, Oahu offers a laid-back vibe. The town is filled with friendly, inviting people and fantastic, chic small businesses. With a massive amount of recreation opportunities and an easy, laid-back feel, Kailua, Oahu never runs out of things for its' residents to enjoy.

Kailua is also home to 2 famous and beautiful beaches, Lanikai and Kailua beach. Both of these beaches are world-known, and while one features beautiful sandy shores with countless palm trees, while the other is vibrant and packed with water sport rental opportunities for you to experience. Kailua is packed with excellent, delicious restaurants and chic boutique shops. The climate is warm with humid winters. Kailua is a wonderful place to live, with many opportunities to explore, relax, and slow down. If you are thinking of making a move, here are 12 reasons to consider moving to Kailua, Oahu.

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The weather is incredible.


In Kailua Oahu, you can pretty much count on beautiful, sunny days. Kailua has a tropical climate, with September being the hottest month. In September, the average temperature is a balmy 80 degrees. February is the coolest month, with an average temperature of 73 degrees. The days are incredibly sunny and warm with nearly perfect weather, every day!

Sunny Warm Hawaii Beach

Experience the Hawaiian culture.

The Hawaiian culture is filled with many customs and traditions that set the way of life apart from other cultures. Much of the culture is centered around legends and superstitions, and children often enjoy stories about the Gods and their history. The Hawaiian culture has a large focus on lessons of peace, kindness, compassion and love. There are many traditions and unbeknownst historical tales that are intertwined into the beautiful islands.

Everywhere you look, you'll see the residents of the island wearing Aloha wear. This is the cultural apparel in Hawaii. Imagine beautiful, traditional Hawaiian floral prints, loose baggy pants and that feel-good beachy vibe. In Kailua, it's custom to leave your shoes outside on the doorstep to help keep the home clean. 'Ohana is the center of the Hawaiian culture. 'Ohana means family, but in the Hawaiian culture, the family doesn't always mean "blood" related. Instead, it can be dear friends, neighbors, etc.

On the island, a celebration is often recognized by giving a lei. Bright, colorful, and beautiful, leis are sacred and meaningful in the Hawaiian culture. In Hawaii, the mantra is often to relax and enjoy your time. In fact, Hawaii is even free of billboards, so you can enjoy scenic driving. The Hawaiian culture is unlike any other. So much of it is comprised of stories of legends and Gods. There is beautiful cultural music and superstitions like rain and rainbows are a blessing from the Gods and that it's bad luck to bring bananas on a boat. Kailua Oahu is a vibrant place to live, rich in culture, history and tradition.

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Live by some of the most beautiful beaches.


Kailua, Oahu is home to some of the most serene beaches in the world. You’ll find yourself captivated and absolutely enchanted by the clear, sparkling waters. Miles and miles of soft white sand greet your toes while you bask in the warm sunshine. Some of Hawaii’s most famous beaches await you in Kailua.

Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach Park are two popular beaches to explore. While one is bustling with water sport recreation opportunities, the other offers a relaxing, calm setting. One has clear sky blue water, and the other you'll find yourself drawn in by the clear turquoise waters. These beaches are stunning and a great part of living in Kailua, Oahu.

Explore fantastic nature and outdoor recreation opportunities easily.


Kailua Oahu is filled with incredible things to do and countless nature-inspired adventures to be had. You'll find opportunities for snorkeling, windsurfing, big wave surfing, deep-sea diving, and so much more. Kailua is a wonderful place to live for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.



Bite into fresh, bright, juicy fruit right from the island.


Living in Kailua, Oahu gives you easy access to fresh, juicy fruit that is locally grown. You will enjoy fruit like lilikoi, mango, guava, banana, pineapple and dragonfruit. In-season fruit is often less expensive than the latter, and it's no different on the island. So bite into fresh, exotic fruits that are juicy and grow wild right nearby home.

Kailua Oahu has a low crime rate.


Kailua, Oahu has a low crime rate, making it a comfortable, safe place to live and raise a family. Most of Kailua features a homey-residential feel with a low population and an excellent small-town atmosphere.


View the most beautiful rainbows.


In Kailua, Oahu, you will find the most stunning rainbows. Vivid colors often sprawl over the sky often in Hawaii, making it known as "The Rainbow State." Kailua Oahu has the most serene landscape and climate to make stunning rainbows. The island is also home to many fables and legends about rainbows that children grow up listening to.


Hawaii Rainbow

Kailua Oahu has incredible sunsets.


Kailua Oahu is filled with beautiful landscapes and open sparkling bodies of water. Enjoy slow evenings while basking in the beautiful show the sun gives us. Hawaii has a great climate for making gorgeous sunsets. Enjoy the slower way of life in Kailua, and you'll find you notice the sky and start slowing down.

Kailua has an excellent infrastructure.


The town of Kailua prides itself on its infrastructure. You'll find smooth roads and great draining opportunities to prevent flooding. Kailua is best known for its' incredible, sparkling beaches, but it's' smooth roads that lack potholes are definitely a practical bonus. 

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Explore many unique shops and shopping experiences.


Kailua, Oahu provides many fantastic shopping experiences for its' residences. It is filled with countless unique shops that you're sure to find something at. There are shopping centers as well as small shops that line the streets offering everything from one-of-a-kind gifts to everyday essentials. Living in Kailua Oahu gives you access to explore the various unique farmers' markets and other beautiful shops.

Kailua Oahu has excellent private schools for kids.


If you are a family considering moving to Kailua Oahu, then the quality of education in the schools is likely essential. Kailua Oahu has great private schools that can open up many doors of opportunities for children. The island provides a unique learning experience for children, and the quality of education in their private schools is amazing.


Kids Learning

Kailua is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Imagine looking out your window to be greeted by a bright sun sparkling over a massive body of water. Kailua Oahu is one of the most beautiful places on earth. From its' varying landscapes to its opportunities for outdoor adventures, Kailua has something to offer every person on the island. It has several beaches, walking paths, parks, chic boutique shops, and so much more. Living in Kailua means you're waking up to beautifulness every day.

In conclusion,

While making a move might seem daunting or possibly not doable, living in Kailua Oahu is worth every stress it brings to get there. It is a beautiful, serene place as well as has incredible weather all year long. See with your own eyes some of the most astounding sunsets in the world, along with bright, bold rainbows that sprawl across the sky. 

Kailua Oahu has something to offer everyone. This wonderful town has everything you could ever need or want, from the weather to the culture, fresh juicy fruit, and eye-catching sunsets. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it makes a great place to relocate to. 

The island is filled with opportunity and beauty that you simply can't find elsewhere. It is a town that prides itself in every sector. Excellent roads, great career opportunities, beautiful rainbows, vibrant culture, and so much more makes Kailua Oahu a remarkable place to move to. Year-round perfect weather and countless outdoor adventures to explore, Kailua Oahu is a wonderful place to move to.

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